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Artist Interview: 9/21/2011  

Studio Visit : Morgan Manduley

Morgan’s art is both cinematic and sinister, inspired by boyhood fantasies and a fascination with the American West portrayed in pop culture. We met up with Morgan at his East Village studio where he fed us cold Hawaiian pizza and entertained us with his "adult magazine" collection while talking about his work in his upcoming show The Sun Hung Low or A Question Loomed set to open at Habitat House next Wednesday. Read More...

Disposable Project: 8/22/2011  

Disposable Project : The Tree Ring's West Coast Tour

The Tree Ring has been a home-bodied band in terms of performing almost exclusively in San Diego over the past few years, but the truth is that everyone except Darla grew up in the Pacific Northwest. In July, the band took a two-week trip up to British Columbia and back to play shows and spend time with family, friends, and greenery. Read More...

Community Enhancement : 7/5/2011  

Funding Request : Letters To San Diego

This morning we asked followers of Sezio and supporters of art and music in San Diego County to respond to a lack of funding for Sezio from our local government. Hundreds of you took the time to write thoughtful, eloquent emails directed towards Supervisors Ron Roberts and Greg Cox, and Councilmembers Todd Gloria and Kevin Faulconer. Artists and musicians, fans and patrons, small business owners and local media members all showed their immense support for our organization and efforts in San Diego, and for that we are endlessly grateful for you. Read More...

Disposable Project: 5/31/2011  

Disposable Project : Sasquatch Festival 2011

Intern Adam returned to San Diego after finishing his first year at Emory University, where he scored his own radio show on WMRE and participated in a variety of other extracurricular activities. His first weekend back, he snagged a couple buddies and headed up the 395 through Tahoe and Oregon to Washington State. Their mission; to document their journey to Sasquatch Festival with a couple disposable cameras. Read More...

Event Coverage: 4/22/2011  

Disposable Project : Coachella 2011

This is our intern Max. He's a fine art major at UCSD, who also enjoys surfing, bike riding, co-eds, and concerts. We sent him to the desert last weekend with a couple disposable cameras to cover the sweaty madness that is Coachella. Luckily he survived. Read More...