Disposable Project: 5/31/2011  

Disposable Project : Sasquatch Festival 2011

Intern Adam returned to San Diego after finishing his first year at Emory University, where he scored his own radio show on WMRE and participated in a variety of other extracurricular activities. His first weekend back, he snagged a couple buddies and headed up the 395 through Tahoe and Oregon to Washington State. Their mission; to document their journey to Sasquatch Festival with a couple disposable cameras.

Jake gathering some snacks for the 24-hour road trip up to Sasquatch.

Chris taking some lake photos at Tahoe -- our first stop of the drive up. Not the most inviting-looking of lakes, seeing as it was below freezing outside.

Snow at Tahoe as we make our way out. We had 15 hours of driving this day as we made our way through Nevada and Oregon, eventually landing at a friend's house in Seattle.

First day at the campgrounds, but don't be deceived. This was only one of eight lots, and the least crowded of them all.

These were our next-door neighbors. They kept asking us to become "part of the family," to which we politely refused after one of the guys said: "If you turn your tent so that it faces ours, we can create a big living room in the middle. That way at night we can drink, smoke, you know, whatever. The only thing that I can promise is that the evenings will most definitely involve a pineapple and a watermelon." He smiled and winked at that one, but the joke was lost on us. So we decided to not move our tent/get molested.

The awesome view at the main stage, aka The Gorge. This is where we spent most of our time when we needed a break from the music. The big hill let you sit at the top, sorta hear the music, and just enjoy the sights.

The Antlers put on an awesome show. You can see Peter Silberman on the big screen crooning along to his new album, which I've found to be surprisingly good. I wasn't sure how it'd turn out, seeing as Silberman wasn't writing this one on his own. It is easy to tell that he did in fact write this with his band, and it lacks some of Hospice’s emotion due to this, but either way, Burst Apart is a fantastic collection of songs that really came to life at this live show (especially “No Widows”).

This is where shit went down. The rave tent feat. Washed Out, Bonobo, Gold Panda, and Skrillex. The obvious stand out of these was Washed Out, who put on a pretty good show, but unfortunately the crowd didn't get into his chill-wave vibe as much as they did Skrillex’s insanity. However, he did play his new single, "Eyes Be Closed," which is such a jam, and if you haven't heard it yet, you should probably check it out.

Gayngs, unfortunately sin Vernon/POS. It was pretty humorous when the saxaphonist did the entirety of Justin Vernon's rap part on "The Last Prom On Earth." Especially since he is a short, fat, balding dude with super long hair. Still enjoyable despite those occasional cringe-inducing moments.

SoyJoy was one of my main sources of food over the weekend, thanks to their neverending free samples. Unfortunately, SoyJoy bars are one of the worst tasting things I've ever put in my mouth. It's all about the PopChips.

Pepper Rabbit playing an unexpectedly awesome set. Can't wait to hear these guys write more and expand their sound.

Here we have a guy who posted up next to the second biggest stage for all four days of the festival. According to him, he was "painting the music," but we all knew he was just painting some pretty lame art that would most likely find its way to the back of a thrift store.

Chromeo probably drew in the biggest crowd of the entire festival. Bigger than Death Cab. Bigger than Wilco... It was unexpected to say the least.

Chris was generous to throw out all of our car-trash in this KFC. We repaid him by leaving him behind for a good half-mile. We decided it was time to go back when it started raining, which was pretty inevitable seeing as we were both in Oregon and those clouds are pretty ominous-looking.

Me and Eric taking a pee-break on Day 2 of the drive home; this scenic bathroom is a couple dozen miles outside Reno.

Final pic of the trip. We passed by this perfect rainbow just as we re-entered the state of California. Yeah.

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