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Artist Interview: 7/24/2008  

Swim Party : Live @ Luce Loft

Swim Party lit up the Luce Loft for an evening in front of their unique stage backdrop. They performed a couple new tracks while discussing their upcoming album release, ties to the Whistle Stop and a massive bee attack. Read More...

Artist Interview: 7/10/2008  

Brian Holwerda : The Ballad of the Ice Mummy

A Monday night sushi dinner, led to an impromptu session at the Luce Loft with Brian Holwerda. We skated with camera and guitar case from 3rd down to 10th and filmed a quick interview and performance of a new track by Blackout Party's front man. Read More...

Artist Interview: 6/25/2008  

An Evening with Calico Horse

Calico Horse is primed and ready to be the next band to break out of San Diego. On the eve of their CD Release show and West Coast tour, we sat down with them to discuss their musical backgrounds, influences, day jobs and karate lessons... Read More...

Event Coverage: 6/23/2008  

Backstage : FM 94/9 Independence Jam

Brian Holwerda gives insight into a day in the life of musician playing a large summer festival... "I thought I'd write a few rambling thoughts on a show my band (Blackout Party) had the pleasure of being a part of this past Sunday, June 8th 2008. This glorious occasion was none other than FM 94.9's Indie Jam @ Southwestern College in Chula Vista." Read More...

Concert: 6/13/2008  

Joel P West : House Show

On April 12th, Joel P West hosted a show at a house in Golden Hill as a tour stop for Karli Fairbanks and Breanna Paletta. Here, Joel P West talks about why he chose to have the show at a house. Read More...