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Disposable Project: 8/22/2011  

Disposable Project : The Tree Ring's West Coast Tour

The Tree Ring has been a home-bodied band in terms of performing almost exclusively in San Diego over the past few years, but the truth is that everyone except Darla grew up in the Pacific Northwest. In July, the band took a two-week trip up to British Columbia and back to play shows and spend time with family, friends, and greenery. Read More...

Disposable Project: 5/31/2011  

Disposable Project : Sasquatch Festival 2011

Intern Adam returned to San Diego after finishing his first year at Emory University, where he scored his own radio show on WMRE and participated in a variety of other extracurricular activities. His first weekend back, he snagged a couple buddies and headed up the 395 through Tahoe and Oregon to Washington State. Their mission; to document their journey to Sasquatch Festival with a couple disposable cameras. Read More...

Event Coverage: 4/22/2011  

Disposable Project : Coachella 2011

This is our intern Max. He's a fine art major at UCSD, who also enjoys surfing, bike riding, co-eds, and concerts. We sent him to the desert last weekend with a couple disposable cameras to cover the sweaty madness that is Coachella. Luckily he survived. Read More...

Band Interview: 1/10/2011  

North County Canyoning With Dirty Gold

Since their debut single/video went viral, Grant Nassif, Lincoln and John Ballif have spent every free hour recording their debut EP. We hung out with the North County high school students on Saturday, eating gummy sharks at their home studio, and hiking through the canyon behind Grant's house. Read More...

Event Coverage: 9/1/2010  

FM 94/9 Independence Jam 2010

I was fresh off of work, and the faint odor of grease, coffee and sweat mingled with annoyance lingered on my skin and hair. On my break, like a non-discerning animal I ate a ruined Papas Locos under a stairwell. Needless to say, I was ready for a change of pace, and unbeknownst to me, the FM 94/9 Independence Jam at the Oceanside Pier was just what I needed. This years’ “Coastal Invasion” lineup boasted acts such as The Silent Comedy, Delta Spirit, Rogue Wave, and everyone’s favorite mystical hippie family band, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes. Read More...