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Artist Interview: 9/21/2011  

Studio Visit : Morgan Manduley

Morgan’s art is both cinematic and sinister, inspired by boyhood fantasies and a fascination with the American West portrayed in pop culture. We met up with Morgan at his East Village studio where he fed us cold Hawaiian pizza and entertained us with his "adult magazine" collection while talking about his work in his upcoming show The Sun Hung Low or A Question Loomed set to open at Habitat House next Wednesday. Read More...

Community Enhancement : 7/5/2011  

Funding Request : Letters To San Diego

This morning we asked followers of Sezio and supporters of art and music in San Diego County to respond to a lack of funding for Sezio from our local government. Hundreds of you took the time to write thoughtful, eloquent emails directed towards Supervisors Ron Roberts and Greg Cox, and Councilmembers Todd Gloria and Kevin Faulconer. Artists and musicians, fans and patrons, small business owners and local media members all showed their immense support for our organization and efforts in San Diego, and for that we are endlessly grateful for you. Read More...

Artist Residency: 3/31/2011  

Clea Minaker : Light & Shadow

Back in December 2010 I came across a film called “Look at What the Light Did Now”. The film reveals the creative process of a colorful group of individuals working in different disciplines toward a common goal. One of the artists involved used light and shadow to illustrate stories on a huge forty-foot screen. After seeing the film, I got up the next day and sent an email inviting her to come to San Diego to partner with the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Teen Art Council and with Sezio. It was a shot in the dark. I had already set my expectation to never hear back. But I did hear back, and to our wonderful surprise the shot in the dark will bring the artist to San Diego in April for an entire week. Read More...

Artist Interview: 2/14/2011  

Jorge Tellaeche : "Animals R Dishonest"

We were first introduced to Jorge's bright, colorful work through the Adapta vs. Sezio series in 2008. His intricate line work and vibrant colors reflected the bright surroundings of his residence in Tijuana, Mexico. Mr. Tellaeche has since returned to his home town of Mexico City, where his craft has soared to new heights. We caught up with Jorge to discuss his recent homecoming exhibit entitled "Animals R Dishonest". Read More...

Retrospective: 12/31/2010  

2010 : A Year in Review

Wow, this year was a blur. Our 501c(3) celebration at The Casbah in January seemed to roll right into our year end show with The Growlers, Little Deadman, and Writer on December 29th. In between we hosted some unique art shows, amazing concerts, and made a lot of new friends. Take a minute and relive 2010 with us... Read More...