June 18, 2008
by Dustin

Sea Wolf

The Independent | 6/18/2008

Being in San Francisco now, I have the opportunity to see many amazing shows on a regular basis. So Tuesday night I made the most of it and hoofed it down to The Independent to check out Sea Wolf. Luckily, I was early enough to catch the first band Patrick Park, before being introduced to The Jealous Girlfriends . While Patrick was a great act to walk in on, I am smitten with said 'Girlfriends.' Lovely as ever, this New York based indie synth band was a perfect fit for the following Sea Wolf. (plus the lead singer is smoking hot)

Armed with a cellist, acoustic guitar, synths and organs, this was the first time I was able to catch Sea Wolf live. And they are good. Really good. I've enjoyed their albums over the past few months but wasn't sure if they were going to be able to pull off this 'cabin-indie-rock' flair I'd grown accustomed to. Any band with 6 members runs the risk of sounding like steel through a wood chipper on a bad hangover morning. But these guys (and gals) rocked it, kept the crowd swaying and singing along the whole night.

The best news here though, is that they were better than their albums have shown, and even took a chance on introducing a few new songs. Make sure you catch them at the Casbah on June 20th, on tour with the same line up.

It's just a suggestion, but you should probably pick up tickets immediately.  Here are some shots from the night...

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