Show Preview: 7/6/2009  

Mike Maxwell : Par for the Course

Mike Maxwell's life is pretty routine: wake up, take Crystal to work, build new birch panels, take petey on a walk, and then paint all evening.  But this year he's added a new step to the program, documentation.  Mike has been photographing every step of his process, from concept to finished product, and using his Flickr page to provide an inside look to his fans.  I can't speak for everyone, but this strategy has engaged me to the point of road-tripping up to SF for his next opening, Until The Whistle Blows @ The Shooting Gallery July 11th.

Back in June, we met up with Maxwell for a hike out to a nostalgic location in his home town of Crest.  Apperently, this run-down water tower hosted quite a few high school keggers, and subsequent run-ins with the law.

All photos by Wes Bruce - To view more click Photo Gallery below.

Until the Whistle Blows opens July 11th at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco.

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