September 24, 2008
by Zack Nielsen

Sea Wolf / Okkervil River

Belly Up | 9/24/2008

Sea Wolf's debut album, Leaves in the River, has been in my constant rotation for the last year and a half. I made it up to the Belly Up last week to catch them for the second time along with Austin based, Okkervil River, which I wasn't too familiar with.  

Sea Wolf seems like a hybrid between a band and solo project, led by Alex Brown Church.  His male bass player and drummer seemed pretty uninterested, while his female cellist and keyboard players were extremely impressive.  Here is a clip from 'The Promise'

Okkervil River was the headliner for the evening and the tour. Having only listened to them a couple times, I was pretty surprised by their set, I guess I just assumed it would be folkier... (if thats a word) Will Sheff gave quite a theatrical performance as documented below.

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I saw them several years back when they opened for the Decemberists at Canes, and it was a much better show. It seems lineup changes have taken a toll.
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