March 19, 2008
by Zack Nielsen


The Casbah | 3/19/2008

There was a strange buzz in the air outside the Casbah. It's not every show that 5 different people ask me to sell them my ticket on the way down Ketner... Granted, most of those people were clamoring about the headliner, Vampire Weekend, but I was pretty impressed with the opening act.

Yacht, aka Jona Bechtolt of Portland, Oregon, is a perfect mix between Beck and Napolean Dynomite on pretty much all levels - music, looks & dance moves.

See a Penny (Pick it up)

Yacht had just met up with the Columbia boys from Vampire Weekend to embark on a two week tour around the states. Yacht seems to be a popular pick to open for up and coming, indie rockers, warming up the crowd for the likes of The Dirty Projectors, Architecture in Helsinki and LCD Sound System. (Pictured below, Yacht physically "warming" up the crowd...)

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