October 14, 2010
by Charles Bergquist


The Casbah | 10/14/2010

I'm claiming it. Best show of the year. Foals absolutely destroyed Casbah last week, in what I'm ranking as my favorite Casbah show of 2010 (closely beating out Caribou). Having missed their Brick by Brick show in 2008, which Carly covered, my only Foals experience came a couple years back at Street Scene. Anticipation built as their debut Antidotes has been in my constant rotation for years. Total Life Forever, which Foals released earlier this year, is a mature, polished sophomore release, which after a few listens I also fell in love with.

Yannis and crew seemed hyped up to be back on the road after a long downtime for recording. The band's energy coupled with their hard-driving songs completely took over the crowd. I remember taking a mental break during the intro to Spanish Sahara, and closing my eyes against the mirrored wall. Camera flashes exploding in the back of my eyelids, I finally came to when the song picked up.  Yannis, Foals' lead singer, remained pretty tame throughout most of the set, until he went off on their last song (as captured above). That was definitely the first time I've seen anyone run up and down the bar banging drum sticks on all of the lights. Below are a handful of photos from one *wild night at Casbah taken by Charles Bergquist.

-- Zack Nielsen

*Example A: Why is this person holding up their shoe..?

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