June 04, 2008
by Zack Nielsen


Avalon | 6/4/2008

The story of MGMT is an interesting one. I have heard rumors of Athens, Georgia house parties where Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser would be covered in butter, rolling on the floor while singing over their Karaoke beats.  Connections through Of Montreal and major label backing, MGMT has added live instrumentation and put out one hell of an album. Oracular Spectacular.

June 4th, I drove up to LA to see the buzz band of '08. I was excited to see how their  album came across live, and the Billabong bikini show provided extra motivation for the $60 tank of gas. Management was pretty solid live, had good energy throughout the night, but something was lacking.  Until their last song, "Kids" where all of the "players" left stage and Andrew and Ben broke free from their instruments to take on their original form...

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