Event Coverage: 6/19/2008  

Sezio.org Launch Party

Sezio's first objective is to inspire creativity.  We host events to showcase the art and music that our friends make and hope that we can inspire some of our guests to go home and create something themselves... the following is an amazing email that we received a couple days following Saturday night's event.

I'm writing to you because I'm all inspired and I find that when I get all excited and inspired, I try to capture it in whatever way, and I've found the best way is to tell it to someone. Also, thanks to you, and your invitation, turning me on to Joel P West, some things are catalyzing as I listen to his songs.

 NIKKI by Joel P West - Photo by Alex Oat


I really enjoyed myself saturday, and honestly, i wish i would have stayed longer.  Art and music. Seriously, my heart and head feel so open now, and I'll explain why. It came to me, after traveling (with nice big headphones) on the lovely sounds from Mr. West -- which reminded me of what I saw (your art) and remembered (you and all the other beautiful people) on Saturday: Art is my fuel pump. And with that analogy you could say Music moves me.


I'm really inspired by what you brought together with Sezio for all of us. Again, I wish I would have stayed, but in hind sight, it's great to see how much the night meant to me.


The Hot Spot by Brad Kester


So what I got was that my business is all about art and music. Really, it's not about big clients or a lot of money or even technical power, but just love: the love of it, the most raw form of human expression and connection.


I'm going to school, studying Business (which is very rewarding as I feel way more equipped to handle my shiz like a pro), and have been, like my blog thing says, in a very binary black and white sort of situation, like: this is what i gotta do, i gotta work hard, and do what it takes, and blah blah blah...


And all the while, I've not really known what I'm doing, you know, what constitutes success. OK, money, education, experience, whatever, but you know, like "Where is my heart?" sort of questioning.


Brad Kester - Photo by Jon Foster


And I think I've hit it: my heart is on paper, in ink, pen, picks, and drumsticks. Really! And what's all around that is people, people inspired and loving life, excited and exploring.


And it's not technology, or business or design for it's own sake, but for the sake of art, community, expression. SEZIO!


Tim Pyles, Brian Holwerda & Crew - Photo by Alex Oat


This is what I see: myself, you, pretty much every one I met Saturday, all the roots love in San Diego (and beyond) super freakin', creating SUPER successful events, making music, making art, selling stuff, growing, traveling, and building soulful business!


So I know web business, others know marketing, accounting, audio, video, animation, content, sales, etc.. We all come together and work on cool ass projects for the community(ies): Surf, Film, Apparel, Lifestyle, Travel, etc. Putting our time in to these kinds of projects (BIG ONES) that have heart, and work ONLY on those kinds of projects (forget corporate crap), for people like all the cats we hung out with Saturday night, so that we establish a presence as a Business for the Arts, with clients so resonant that a social network is born of it... Sezio?


Photo by Alex Oat 



It is amazing to me that a friend of a friend, who was invited to our event and knew nothing of Sezio previously, was able to grasp the entire idea by just hanging out enjoying some art, music and the creative company that surrounded him.

Click on the Photo Gallery below to see all of the pics from the event.

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