October 16, 2008
by Carly Ealey

Adapta v. Sezio : Round 1

Cream Coffee Bar | 10/16/2008

The Tijuana based Adapta Project took on San Diego based Sezio in a bi-cultural Art Battle, last thursday at Cream Coffee Bar.  The three month series features one artist from each side of the border.  Representing TJ was graphic artist, Organika and representing SD was pop-surrealist painter, Mike Maxwell.  Here are a few shots from the opening reception.

All Photos courtesy of Carly Ealey

Mike Maxwell


Beats and Dancing provided by DeadBeat Club

to see more photos from the opening, visit Carly's Flickr Page.

Round 2 will feature Fernanda Uski and Justin Skeesuck, w/ live music from Karli Fairbanks and Triceratron.  Thursday, Nov. 13th : 8-11pm

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