News: 2/16/2012  

Art As A Weapon : Update From Burma

Early last month, San Diego based Breadtruck Films set out to make a street art documentary which many of you helped fund via Kickstarter. Inspired by Shepard Fairey's 30 foot mural of a Burmese monk in Southpark, the team decided to travel to the town of Mae Sot on the Thai/Burma border. A three-man crew set out to uncover the story behind Shepard's mural, while exploring Buddhism, Burma and how street art could change the world. They met with monks, artists, students, and underground revolutionists. After 19 days of graffiti, hiding from the Thai police, cheap street food and beer, they headed back to San Diego with over 100 hours of footage that is now being cut into a feature length documentary.

Check out some stills from their trip below, and follow Art As A Weapon here.


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Thanks for the love Sezio. I've meet great people through Kickstarater and a lot of them found out about me here. Peace and respect. Jeff
jeffery durkin made this post on 2/16/2012 at 12:10 pm

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