News: 4/15/2010  

Double Dip Trip w/the New Whip

While most of you will be at Coachella this weekend sweating your proverbial balls off in 90 degree sunshine and sweaty tents, a few friends from the Sezio crew will be venturing North for a cooler, more intimate dance party pick. Besides running around the fabulous City that is San Francisco, we will be catching the Hot Chip/The XX show at the Fox Theater in Oakland Friday night and double-dipping (Zack's favorite saying) with the Yeasayer show Saturday night! Zack and Charles left early this morning for an all day drive up the coast in the man-genta mobile aka the new Ford Fiesta. I am leaving tonight via booze plane with “the roommates” Greer and Spent.  Photos and fuzzy details to follow...keep up with us on Twitter for sporadic weekend updates.

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northern california! very nice, have fun.
Lauryn FranklinLauryn Franklin made this post on 4/15/2010 at 10:32 pm

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