News: 3/16/2010  

Exist 1981 Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Three Adventurers took the challenge, the clues and answered the Zelda riddles from our Exist 1981 feature that went up yesterday, and found the beasts! Despite deep water and darkness they ventured in, got their picture, and now they will receive their prizes. Even though you future sewer seekers won't get any official goods, I would say that the journey through the tunnels is prize enough for a night time or early morning adventure that would make the Goonies swoon. 

I'm pretty impressed with these three people. To find the beasts within 24 hours was no easy challenge. As promised each winner will be receiving the following prizes:

///Guest List + 1 for Washed Out / Small Black (March 25th)  

///A Limited Edish Sezio T-shirt

///Two Exist 1981 T-shirts

///Tons of Exist & Sezio stickers                                                  

///Unlimited high-fives at any/ all Sezio/ Exist events forever    

///A truck load of street cred         

Here's our brave winners as they came in:

Bryan Bologna: Solo Mission: 6:12 Pm 3/15/10

Natalie Kardos: Tag Team Mission: 7:47am 3/16/10

Lucas O'connor: Tag Team Mission: 7:47am 3/16/10

Good adventuring and keep checking the sight for our next scavenger hunt. Who knows where the next one will take you...

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