News: 9/12/2011  

Four Day Weekend : Real Estate

We've been trying to book Real Estate in San Diego ever since we heard their self titled debut back in 2009. After countless emails to their booking agent and a chance run in with lead singer Martin Courtney at this year's Woodsist Fest in Big Sur, we've finally landed a show with them. The New Jersey based folk-pop group will close out this year's Four Day Weekend on Sunday, November 13th. You can secure your tickets to the show here, and check out a track off their new record along with a great live video below. (Show is All Ages and $10)

Purchase a four-night pass to Four Day Weekend for $30 dollars here, which gets you in to see bands like Lord Huron, Peter Wolf Crier, Dirty Gold and Oregon Bike Trails!

Real Estate - "It's Real"

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