News: 2/9/2010  

The Grandlarsens : My Better Half

Previously featured, San Diego based stencil artist, Grandlarsen, is hosting a Valentine's Eve Art Show with his equally talented wife, painter Jenny Larsen (formerly Luttrull).  The pair have very contrasting styles, which should make for an interesting exhibit.  Thumbprint Gallery in North Park will host the opening, this Saturday February 13th.

"Inspired by the color of culture, Jenny Larsen brings visions of her mind to you through paintings reflecting the feelings and serenity in lives of others. Steering away from modern, western culture she shares her feelings of peace and spiritual unity at a glance. Continuing to explore the world in search of tranquility she hopes to inspire a calm of simple happiness."

"Wanted for acts of provocative visual propaganda and revolutionary concepts, the artist/designer, Grandlarsen is known to carry heavy creative firepower. With sniper-like accuracy, his highly detailed stencil work and social commentary hits the mark every time with deadly force."

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