News: 3/2/2010  

Invisible Children Teams Up With La Blogotheque

Local peace enthusiasts Invisible Children and music tastemakers La Blogotheque are teaming up to take The Polyphonic Spree, Yeasayer, and another band to Gulu, Uganda, where a rebel leader has been terrorizing people and kidnapping children for over twenty years.  The team of musicians, activists, and filmmakers will travel throughout the Gulu district to get acquainted with the stories of war-affected Ugandans and see Invisible Children's programs in action.  The bands will be performing their songs for locals along the way and, lucky for us, La Blogotheque will be there to capture it.  The end product will be a beautiful Take Away Show-style documentary, to be sold with proceeds funding IC's continuing work in Uganda.

Unfortunately, plane tickets to Uganda don't grow on trees, so IC has provided an opportunity to help out at the fundraising website Kickstarter.  If you sacrifice a couple of burritos this week, you can help get this film underway, and if you can give beyond that, there's some good loot being offered for contributing.  Invisible Children is trying to rally up $20K of the needed funds by March 10, so visit the IC Kickstarter page soon for more info


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this is going to be amazing!
Zack NielsenZack Nielsen made this post on 3/2/2010 at 1:15 pm

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