News: 11/3/2009  

TNT Returns With A Bang

They say you don't know what you have until it's gone, and San Diego learned the hard way when The Museum of Contemporary Art took a summer vacation from their Thursday Night Thing.  It's become a staple over the last few years and thankfully, this Thursday marks its return with a stacked cast to celebrate.  The long-awaited exhibition of Tara Donovan is opening, featuring beautiful installations made with common objects (the above image is made with styrofoam cups and hot glue) and Dave Adey will be showing and directing an art activity.  There will also be performances by musicians Money Mark and Birds & Batteries, and by balloon artist Addi Somekh. Come celebrate all of the hard work that MCA has done to provide good art, music, and community gathering in our city. 

Thursday November 5th, 7-10 PM at MCA Downtown.  Pre-sale tickets and more information at the MCASD Website.

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