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Things We Learned in San Francisco

A group of us traveled north over the weekend, some by car and some by plane, but all with a common purpose: to bypass Coachella for a more intimate, cooler experience with Hot Chip & Yeasayer.  Here are some things we learned and saw along the way.

- The California Coastline is pristine.

- Charles is really into space. Really.

- Carly + Spent + Greer + Southwest = Booze Plane

- Riding statues may result in broken Holgas.

- Shows at the Fox Theater start a half an hour early (really didn't care about seeing The XX anyway, thanks!)

- Hot Chip + 10 G&T's makes for a good night.

- BART Traffic Cops don't like it when you scalp student passes.

- Point Richmond is a very quaint, ghetto-bordering town.

- Berkeley Hippies make great friendship bracelets.

- Pizza Orgasmica is the original sin, as their tagline states.

- If you're in SF, you want to have lunch here.

- The Fillmore might be the best venue ever.

- Sleigh Bells are definitely the worst opener ever.

- Yeasayer was amazing.  Words can't describe.  Videos can.

- The drive home was brutal, but the grapevine was pretty.

More photos on Carly's Flickr and Zack's Facebook.

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Ah, Yeasayer are amazing! I went to Coachella and can say the only intimate experience you can have there is in the photo pit, otherwise it was a bit overwhelming but still AMAZING. Hot Chip are incredible. San Francisco is an amazing city to see a show in. I am in love with the Fillmore, that is where I saw my first show ever. I thought the xx were tres blaise at Coachella. Not impressed.
Natalie Jo KeshlearNatalie Jo Keshlear made this post on 4/21/2010 at 12:02 pm
what up pyramid lake
Jordan KarnesJordan Karnes made this post on 5/10/2010 at 2:26 pm

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