August 14, 2009
by Sezio

Brain Glamor : Morgan Goes Pacific

Luce Loft | 8/14/2009

After months of anticipation and one long journey across the country, Morgan Blair finally arrived in San Diego.  Spending a week downtown at Luce Loft, Morgan completed an 8 x 6 panel (pictured below), scoured SD's Swap Meet and thrift stores and made a ton of new friends.  Here's a collection of photos from the two-night opening of Brain Glamor : Morgan Goes Pacific.

Riley standing with Morgan's installation piece, 'Rainbow Road'

'The Hunt' by Morgan Blair

'Diamond Collection' by Morgan Blair

Arts & Crafts time

Don't bother Brad when he's coloring

Mike Maxwell pissed cause Chadwick burnt his T-shirt (j/k)

Sketchbooks, Dirt Samples and Awesome Mining!

our wonderful Bartenders, and Luce Loft's Bike Parking

Shirts & Prints available on Sezio's online shop very soon...

Morgan w/ Riley, Don and Amy from Subtext

All photos by Carly Ealey.  View more on her Flickr.

Tags: Brooklyn, Morgan Blair, Artist Exchange, Brain Glamor


god, who's that bartender with the incredible bod???
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