November 05, 2010
by Jordan Karnes

Dominant Legs w/ Writer

Four Day Weekend @ Sushi Art | 11/5/2010

Let us remember that first Friday in November, the second of Sezio’s Four Day Weekend music series. I know my little review is just one of four regarding this series, so I will try and skirt the obvious. I will not gush over Wes Bruce’s all-encompassing fort. But yes, you should know about this. As I highlight certain moments of musical zenith, please remember that said epiphanies were housed beneath a canopy of motley sheets, pennant flags, and soft yellow lights. That, as I listened to the sobering precision and heart-rattling resonance of Writer, poems blossomed and discipline was made beautiful. Sitting tight with friends at each side, the brothers Ralph on stage, I skirted along a continuum of past and present, melded within gradient strokes of color and keyboard. There I was in San Diego, two feet on a cement floor, and then I was riding my bike in San Francisco, “Barefoot Art” fuzzed out at full volume in my earphones. I was driving across a bridge, I was swimming in the sun-glazed Pacific, I was preparing for winter. I was invincible and in love with a day’s potential.

And I was ready to dance. Following Writer, San Francisco’s Dominant Legs took the stage, bringing their infectious brand of mellow-pop. After a few jams and whispered recruitment (led by boogie blondie, DJ Crystal Mess), we claimed stage right, glad to shake it out to Leg’s “Young at Love and Life”. Speaking of being young at life etc, at this point I feel obligated to mention the girl who emerged from the gaggle of dancers into a kartwheel. I think she kartwheeled into a rep of push-ups, actually, and I think the splits may have been involved. Just saying. TGIF.

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