September 17, 2008
by Zack Nielsen

Joshua Krause : Harbinger of Hope

L St. Fine Art | 9/17/2008

Before catching Dr. Dog at Casbah, I shot downtown to check out Joshua Krause's opening at L Street Fine Art.  The 'gallery space' is actually just a great use of an entry way to the Omni's conference rooms.  Nonetheless, we need more art downtown, and I applaud the Omni and L St. for hosting a really good show.

Josh's recent work is a fantastic mix of collage, illustration, graphic design and surfboard resin.  The glossy pieces fit the space well, and were warmly received by the guests.  Here are few shots.

see more of Joshua's work here.

Tags: Resin, design, Joshua Krause, L Street Fine Art, Downtown San Diego

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i was just typing my name in google and i misspelled it and came across your art. honestly?....amazing stuff dude! it really is very original and eye-catching. especially the mixed-media stuff. anyways, way to go man. from one typo away, you have a new fan. Joshua Kruse
joshua kruse made this post on 9/3/2009 at 11:55 pm

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