August 22, 2008
by Joel P West

The Donkeys CD Release

Whistle Stop | 8/22/2008

Sometimes it’s a gamble to go see a band, even a band you’ve seen several times.  Maybe the sound will be bad, maybe the bassist will get too drunk, maybe there will be some weird fight out front of the venue, or whatever.  When you go see The Donkeys, you know that at least a few things are guaranteed: good people, good jokes, and rock and roll that makes you miss the good old days even if you weren’t around to see them.  No matter the circumstances, The Donkeys are going to be having a good time and expecting you to have one too.

The CD Release party at the Whistle Stop found The Donkeys in top form, all spruced up and passing out buttons to everyone in attendance.  At the start of their set, instead of hearing the standard band introduction or an announcement that they have a new CD, the first thing that came out of Sam’s microphone was, “It’s Friday night; is everyone feeling good?”  It doesn’t hurt that they are all frustratingly talented musicians and veterans of all sorts of venues in all sorts of cities.  Their laid back songs sound like classics you might find in your parents' garage and they play them like they've been performing since before the invention of the cassette tape.

The Donkeys will be manifesting the destiny of good vibes for the month of September, making it all the way to that other coast and back with their new release, Living on the Other Side.  The record will be in stores via Dead Oceans on September 9th.

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Photographs by Andrew Glendinning

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