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Black Mamba Tours the Western States

Black Mamba is a self-proclaimed baby band, that seems to be growing up quickly. Built on the song writing of Aimee Acorn, Black Mamba has attracted some of San Diego's best musicians to collaborate. Late this January, Album Leaf invited them to open a run of West Coast shows, and we figured this would make for a great introduction.

Their tour begins in San Francisco, continues to Portland, Seattle and back down to Santa Cruz with a variety of adventures along the way.

Aimee: We visited Fisherman's Wharf in SF like regular tourists. We were in search of food and discovered a quaint street cart. This guy was selling fresh Clam Chowder in a warm Sourdough bread bowl. Sometimes eating clams freaks me out but this shit was off the charts. I was sad for it to end.

Tyson takes really pretty pictures. Keith used a public restroom that was a port-a-potty with a door that glided open like the one in Star Trek. It also cleaned itself automatically. Kind of strange for little 'ol small town me.

I don’t remember where in California this was, but Tyson was die hard on us taking lots of photos in this field. I’m glad we did.

Jordan was head of security for the tour. Him and his partner T-Bone successfully held it down. On lock down.

The crowd at Neumo's in Seattle was by far the biggest i've ever played for. It's hard to see in this photo just how many people were there. I must admit i was quite nervous. Luckily, asking for a photo proved to be a great ice breaker.

The band area downstairs at Neumo's was very cool. It somewhat resembled the apartment Tom Hanks owned in Big, except he didn't have free beer. Spencer sometimes reminds me of Tom Hanks' character in Big.

This photo was taken shortly before our gluttonous Mexican dinner. Bimbo's in Seattle was our hot spot for two nights. All I remember was eating a very spicy burrito that made my eyes water. Then proceeding down to the cantina below the restaurant. I lost an earring, spencer made allies with the girls and keith and jordan got drunk.

Yeah. So, jumping in a hot tub sounded really wonderful until the water slowly became frigid and it was midnight and it was January. We were just warming ourselves up with hot water, I swear.

To continue on their journey, click on the Photo Gallery below. (Pictures may contain a variety of extracurricular activities and compromising situations)

Black Mamba plays Casbah tonight (03.09) and Luce Loft later in March.

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