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Manuok : Totally Living the Dream

There's a lot of flipping bands on tour - all the time.  Knowing that makes you think that it's an easy thing to do.  However, when you consider the sheer number of bands out there (see your myspace friend requests), the percentage of touring bands is pretty small.  That's for a lot of reasons -  mostly money, but willingness to suffer or live in chaos is a big one too.  Manuok has been touring for a long time.  While that does make it easier, there's always new challenges and adventure.  It's the adventure and chaos that you either fall in love with or hate.  You find out right quick if you like tour or not.

I'll just say that everyone in manuok (Jeff Grasmick, Erik Berg, Andrew Trecha, Geoff Hill, and Scott Mercado) love random adventure, aren't in it for the money, don't mind hotels or floors, can eat taco bell or fancy cuisine, play at 12am in a small town or 7pm in a big town, won't freak out if the van breaks down, know how to camp, like hanging out, love, love, love playing music, and in all situations are respectful and nice to other people.

Previous chaos aside, this last tour was a strange one.  I didn't book all of it and didn't know the bands I was touring with.  I basically went blind (which is a big gamble with a new record).  While the results at times weren't as optimal as if I booked it myself, the band and I had an amazing time and the tour was a success.  In fact, somehow, it was one of my favorite tours.  I'm positive that it has everything to do with my band members.

Here, we’re at Archival Sound, a recording studio, to set off our tour.  We recorded live in front of our significant others, families, and best friends.  It was more nerve-wracking to each of us than playing in front of hundreds of people.  A stage and bright lights do a lot to make you feel safe.  Your best friends and loved ones make you sing or play strange new notes.

People often ask, what's tour like.  Well here you go.  There's a couple of views from 90% of van tour (which is driving).  This is one of them.  (Please note the characters on the dashboard are the same in the Calico Horse photos.  One of the first things you learn from touring/traveling is how small the world is and how connected everyone is).  In this case, we borrow/rent the same van from the same tour philanthropist, Mr. Lee.  I love this photo.

Totally Living The Dream.  Andrew Trecha (middle) just found out we're not getting the cheese platter from our rider.  Erik Berg(right) won't play with out it. Geoff just wants a burrito - or coffee - too dangerous when combined.

At the Partisan in Merced, Ca with Anomie Belle.  We just found out the Allies won the war.  Cheers!

Ok so we won the war, but to keep it won, I had to hold the victory in my beard for 35 minutes or until the band plays - which is bad because we are obviously drunk already.  From right to left that's Geoff Hill, Scott Mercado, Anne-Lyne Williams, Aileen Paron.  Pointing directly at my skull is the same crest in one of Writers' pictures.  Thank the stars for Saint RC (from El Olio Wolof and the Partisan).

It's not often I single out someone in the crowd.  But when I do, my god, watch out.  Look how Demetrius has to cover his mouth in shock.  Poor, poor Dario can't even look.  Head down in shame, he probably cried that night.  We all did.

There's a short name for this: whiskey.  (Or Jeff)  (Or Simon)

Putting the molar in Molarious, Matt can be found lurking in bars.  Not one bar, all of them.  Semi-Omnipresence has many gifts, but one unforeseeable drawback, you don't know where you'll be / not be.  Lucky for Matt, he developed a scientific process to help him maintain a normal life, home, and savings account.  He calls it "Transfer."  Transfer is enacted by genius group of scientist focusing mainly on volume and bombast, but rooted in distilled softness.  Or something like that.

What's crazy about Anthon is that he can actually shoot his finger.  Which he did.  I didn't survive.

Words by Scott Mercado.

Manuok's most recent release, No End To Limitations is out now.  They play Bar Pink January 16th, go check 'em out.

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