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Dave Brown Bids Farewell to San Diego

I first met Dave Brown shortly after we launched, in the summer of 2008.  We connected through email and common interest, both sharing design-conscious blogs aimed to promote great art, music and creativity.  I remember our first lunch in La Jolla, and how we took away action items immediately.  Our first task: unite a group of emerging creatives in San Diego.

A month after that first lunch, Dave and I hosted a 'meeting of the minds' in a back room at Imperial House.  Attendees included Lara Matthews (Thread), Nate Benedetto (Urbanist), Don & Dylan (Subtext), Sean & Stacy (Set & Drift), Joel P West and Justin Skeesuck (Seen+Noted).  The goal was simple, share what we were each working on and find ways to cross promote brands, events, and so forth.  Looking back on it now, it's amazing how this group of creatives 'grew up together' over the last couple years.

From there, Dave and I worked on anything we could together, from Ping Pong tournaments to a sold out show at MCASD.  But Dave's work in San Diego started a decade earlier, circa 1998, when he sold his drum kit in New York to expense a cross country road trip.  From day 1 in San Diego, Dave immersed himself in the creative scene.  He opened an art gallery with Joshua Krause in Golden Hill, managed Album Leaf for a few years and traveled the world, and even worked PR on one of my all time favorite records -- We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes by Death Cab For Cutie.

As Dave prepares to leave San Diego, and make his way back east, I personally invite you to join us at Starlite tonight (8pm) to celebrate the inspiring 12 years Dave has invested in our community and city.  He has no idea (until now) that we've been planning this, but I know he would appreciate having a drink with a bunch of familiar faces.  Details on the party are here.  See you tonight!

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