September 24, 2008
by Dustin

Dying is Fine

Ra Ra Riot: The Rhumb Line

Barsuk Records | Sep 2008

Every Tuesday, I get on the Itunes store and look aimlessly. I search through covers of bands that I've never heard of, and then torture myself endlessly listening to those 30 second previews which never do any album or band justice. About 3 weeks ago I found Ra Ra Riot. Their debut disc 'The Rhumb Line' sent shivers down my spine.

It could be their use of a cello player whom also steps in on the synths and vocals occasionally. (and is extremely HOT) Or Milo Bonacci's piercing lead vocals that are clear, melodic, but most of all, raw. Or how their rhythms got me out of my chair and dancing a lil bit. Either way, after a couple of pesky 30 seconds, I bought The Rhumb Line.

As far as indie rock goes, or comes - this is definetly amongst the top 5 discs to release this year, and a must own. From beginning to end, you can tell that RRR is passionate about their tunes, their message, but most of all, having a damn good time. Head on over to Itunes and get 'The Rhumb Line' immediately - as they will be at The Casbah on September 28th w/ 'The Morning Benders' and electronic act 'Walter Meego'. Just a word of advice, bring your dancing shoes to The Casbah this Sunday, it's well worth your $10 (day of show) or $8 (preorder).

Check out there first single, 'Dying is Fine' Dying is Fine

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the RAC Remix of Each Year (which is on the Dying is Fine single) is by far my favorite Ra Ra Riot song... and yeah, Casbah on Sunday should be one of the best shows all year. All three bands are great
Zack Nielsen made this post on 9/24/2008 at 6:43 pm
Agreed. I did see Walter Meego in San Francisco a few months ago. While their music was spectacular, the live show left more to be desired. I hope that they like a more intimate setting like the Casbah. Hey Jealousy.
dustin made this post on 9/24/2008 at 8:33 pm

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