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Tocayo & Exist 1981 : Hasta La Muerte

Juan and Abe, better known as Tocayo and Exist 1981, have been fevereshly working on their upcoming show, so much so that I could barely get a preview image out of them.  Ever since collaborating on El Camino Little Italy, Tocayo and Exist have taken any chance to work with each other.  Saturday's opening at Thumbprint Gallery is entitled Hasta La Muerte, or Until Death for those of you who don't habla espanol.  Peep Juan's iPhone preview below, and cruise out Saturday night to North Park for the opening.

*Updated // Exist sent us some words, images and a video teaser at 2am last night.

"Hasta La Muerte; is the perfect description of my deep commitment to art. For many years I've put myself in unbelievable situations for it (dangerous and extraordinary), and I plan to continue, Until Death.

Live, love, create, explore, learn, grow: Hasta La Muerte"

- EXIST1981

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