News: 12/18/2008  

High-Fives : Kelli Murray

Our High-Fives this week come from Kelli Murray, artist, illustrator, and lead designer at Jedidiah Clothing.

Five most recently played records
1. Band of Horses
2. M83
3. Lykke Li
4. Ra Ra Riot
5. Amy Grant Christmas :)

Five trips you want to take

1. New York...winter in Rockefeller Center PLEASE!
2. San Fran
3. Europe.  all of it.
4. El Cajon to see my baby nephew
5. Fiji

Five resolutions for 2009
1. start yoga with Steph
2. SLOW DOWN..enjoy the beauty of each day.
3. remember to give thanks for the little things
4. work less
5. smile more

Five San Diego restaurants/bars
1. El Callejon. Encinitas
2. Captain Keno's
3. Maggiano's. Little Italy
5. Station Sushi

Five things you can't live without
1. paintbrush
2. my family
3. computer
4. purse
5. chips (i'd live, but i'd be bummed)

Five most visited websites
5. sadly, urban outfitters

Five recent purchases
1. a mustache mug
2. christmas lights
3. 2 flannels
4. gas
5. eggnog

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I wanna see a picture of this 'mustache mug'...
Zack Nielsen made this post on 12/18/2008 at 2:25 pm
Winter in Rockafella would be insane... Business trip!
Jonathan Foster made this post on 12/22/2008 at 9:41 am

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