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Mike Maxwell : Live Free Wall

For a week and a half straight, Mike Maxwell has been posting up at The Bakery in Barrio Logan, inviting 25+ artists to collaborate with him on a 20 x 8 foot wall.  The Live Free Wall, as Maxwell calls it, is a collaborative street art project heading for MCASD's Thursday Night Thing on August 12th.  On each of the 10 days, the wall has seen installations come and go at a rapid pace, some not lasting more than a couple hours.  Maxwell lined up an allstar cast to layer thier work on top of each others, including Persue, Neko, Kevin Peterson, and Exist 1981 just to name a few.

This project culminated with a 10 minute time lapse pieced together by Rebecca and Kevin Joelson.


We met up with Maxwell yesterday, to place a few stickers around the East Village.  Each one has a message on it, that you need to find and complete.  The first three people to comment the message and the sticker's location on Sezio's Facebook Page will win a pair of tickets to Thursday Night Thing @ MCASD.

*Update - Contest is complete!  Three winners are listed below.

“You are here - How lucky are you?” love TAM

Found by James Curry on G & 15th.

"Strive to be more compassionate towards all things" love TAM

Found by Nilo Naghdi on J & 13th.

"Give a stranger a compliment after you read this" love TAM

Found by Bryan Bologna on 9th & Broadway.

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I FOUND IT. I forgot the exact location, but it's in Barrio Logan/East Village near the Albertsons and Smart & Final. 15th and G, I think. Also, the message says: "YOU ARE HERE [circle with a dot in it] How Lucky ARE You!!?" love TAM. I also have a picture if you need it.
James Harold Curry IVJames Harold Curry IV made this post on 8/10/2010 at 2:33 pm

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