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Miniature Tigers, Pepper Rabbit

Miniature Tigers bears a kinship with the animal for which they are named. Their sound is smooth and sleek with effortless, light harmonies that slowly sneak up on you. Hailing from the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, Miniature Tigers boast a well balanced brand of pop-infused punch with the occasional unexpected dance-y hook. Imagine Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes, scrapping with a new, fun playmate, Miniature Tigers.

Miniature Tigers - "Gold Skull"

Keeping in step with the animal kingdom, Pepper Rabbit, of Los Angeles, opens for Miniature Tigers. Several years ago when Myspace was still “a place for friends” and you could actually discover new artists, I stumbled across a little song, called “Return of The Horns” by a boy named Xander Singh in a band called Pepper Rabbit. The song gave me goosebumps and still does. The sound was melodious, buoyant, and serene. One should be pleased to know that Pepper Rabbit is no longer confined to Myspace and has perfected and expanded on those same sweet, sublime strains.

One should also be equally as pleased to know that every single band on Friday references an animal--The final animal being the five local boys who make up Cuckoo Chaos, freshly home from a stint at SXSW. They may or may not smell fresh, but they will likely make you dance with their exuberant, well-crafted, catchy's a jungle out there...just sayin'. - Crystal Clem

Catch these bands this Friday, March 25, at The Casbah. Get your tickets here.

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