News: 3/29/2012  

Re-Gallery : The Salton Sea Studies

Adventurers, Wes Bruce and Marcus Price, headed east to the Salton Sea for a few days, taking on the alter egos as they documented their surroundings.  Their findings are on displayed at the Re-Gallery in Solana Beach through May 30th, 2012. We highly recommend you check out this really unique exhibit!

Harriman, Fawcett, & Falcon Present: the Salton Sea Studies: a Visual Representation of an In Depth Exploration. The exhibition will examine the Salton Sea from its rise as a popular recreation destination in the mid-20th century to its decline into a harsh, ecologically devastated landscape. Historical figures Harriman, Fawcett and Falcon – an unlikely trio of disgraced captain of industry, archaeologist and explorer – document their individual experiences at the Salton Sea via installation, illustration, hand drawn maps, case notes of their findings, soil samples, and photography.

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