January 17, 2011
by Zack Nielsen


Blind Lady Alehouse | 1/17/2011

Josh Higgins curated a one-of-a-kind art show opening January 17th at Blind Lady Alehouse in Normal Heights. Gathering a collection of skateboarders, designers and cultural tastemakers, Higgins invited each participant to submit a batch of photos to the show. The one stipulation, each image had to be captured by a mobile calling device. Phonography displayed the beauty in everyday life. View a selection of photos below, and a whole lot more here.

Photos from top to bottom: Scott Mires (above video), Gary Hustwit, Christopher Simmons, Justin Ahrens, Andy Macdonald, Ryan Clark. View over 100 photos from the show on Phonography's Tumblr.

Dylan and Don from Subtext Gallery, plus some Canadian dude who bought one of my photos! Crowd shots by Stacy Keck, view more here.

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