Disposable Project: 8/2/2008  

A Trip up the Coast : Part 1

With an art show and concert scheduled for Saturday in the Bay Area, a few friends headed up the coast last weekend.  Cougars, giant whales and Cambrian elephant seals; a disposable camera along Highway 1 documents the first leg of this journey.


Thursday, 10am.  Packing up the garage for the drive up.  Trying to scrape together any shirts, CDs, art prints, etc to make some gas money for the drive home.  After grabbing a couple Acai bowls, we were off to Santa Barbara.

After 4 hours in the car, we immediately went for a swim.  The ocean was a refreshing wake up for the night ahead on State St.  Sea food on the pier, taxis, beers, billiards, more acai the next morning and we were on our way...

The small beach town of Cambria was our first stop.  From the highway, we almost wrote Cambria off as a sleepy tourist trap, but this stop ending up being a wise decision.  After checking out the general store for mesh backs, I wandered into a quaint antique store.

Five steps in the door, a pleasant voice remarks "what an amazing shirt you have on."  I replied "thanks, I made it."  She said "You did!? You know how to silk screen..?"  After a few minutes talking with Caroline about her home town and local artists, I had to run out to the car and grab a freshly screened print.  She was grateful. 

Three miles up the coast, on the way to Hearst Castle, we pulled off at Elephant Seal Point.  It was amazing watching these blubbery beasts maneuver across the sand.  Their stamina only allowed for a few hops, followed by an hour nap.

About a decade ago someone brought me to this beach, and it took us close to that long for me to navigate my way back.  Big Sur is like no where else in California.  I highly recommend camping here for a long weekend.  It was way past lunch time, so we headed for Santa Cruz and the infamous Pleasure Pizza.

This was arguably the highlight of the day.  Sitting on the car, watching waves roll into the Hook and eating my favorite pizza in the world.  The first leg of our journey was coming to an end just 45 minutes over the hill.

Check out the rest of the disposable roll in the Photo Gallery.

Tune in next week for the second half of this story...

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