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Homework Show : Assignment 1

A sign of an emerging creative scene... artists taking things into their own hands.  Inspired by a lack of community and venues for emerging, local artists, Steph Walker and Juliana Miloseski decided to host The Homework Show.  Juliana loaned us her intro video below, and Steph was kind enough to answer a few questions about the evening.

Sezio: What was your motivation for throwing The Homework Show?

Steph Walker: After school everyone goes their separate ways and it's hard to feel that same sense of camaraderie you feel when you're in class, or in design/art school. Real life starts, and your duties become work, rent, food, maybe some design. I personally felt really disconnected when I left school, mainly because I didn't get to see these people and talk about (as silly as it might sound) art and design on a daily basis. Especially in San Diego, where the art scene can leave something to be desired, I missed that feeling of entrenchment in ideas, critiques, and inspiration. Juliana felt the same way, and, after complaining about the situation a bit, we decided to create that environment ourselves, if only for a little while.

SZ: How did you pick this group of artists?

SW: All of the artists for this round were my friends and people I had met through portfolio reviews. After getting an idea for the show I emailed a bunch of them to see who might be interested in participating. It got an awesome response and the show was a great excuse for a lot of people to feel like they had a meaningful project to complete for the summer. I tried to stick within a certain realm of style with regards to the art and it worked pretty well with everyone who was interested.

In sickness and in health - Ryan Allen

SZ: Tell us one funny story from the evening...

SW: If you saw the guest book and my driveway after the show, you might wonder why I dared to give a bunch of people sidewalk chalk and crayons.


SZ: The show seemed like a great success. When is school back in session?

SW: We got lots of good feedback and I'm really happy that so many people came! It was a great experience, including all the hard work we all put in to it. As for another one – maybe early next year? In a few months? I'm not sure – but you can count on a series!

Photo by Edwin Negado

Check out the Gallery for more photos from the evening.

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who are those hot 2 babes in the front?
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man, what a mystery, i wish i knew who they were
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