September 28, 2008
by Zack Nielsen

My Morning Jacket

Open Air Theatre | 9/28/2008

When Jim James was in a high school garage band, he accidentally left the reverb turned way up on his PA. In an interview I attended at MGD's "The Craft", James credited that discovery for his success as a vocalist. Since My Morning Jacket's rise to popularity, bands such as Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses have suspiciously similar vocal tracks on their albums...

Without an opener, My Morning Jacket played a two hour set, on a lovely september evening at SDSU's Open Air Theatre. A highlight of the night was James saluting San Diego's historic Balboa Park, and urging all students to take in its history and beauty. The set mostly included tracks off Evil Urges and Z, including the two classics I captured below.

"Phone Went West"

"One Big Holiday"

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