News: 11/16/2010  

The Return of Habitat House

The fabled Golden Hill venue, Habitat House, will re-open its doors this Sunday with performances from Cry For Us Black Swans, and The Vision Of A Dying World. Both acts will be represented by their front man only, Jon Piotrowski, and Jackson Milgaten, respectively. Below are two of my favorite tracks from all of 2010, and I can't wait to hear them in the comfort of a beautiful, huge living room. For future Habitat happenings, keep up with their blog, facebook, and twitter. See you this Sunday around 7pm.

Cry For Us Black Swans - "Fear Of Sleep"

The Vision Of A Dying World - "Mantra / What Is And What Is Not"

Photo by Carly Ealey - Poster by Dylan Ousley

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