News: 7/2/2012  

Wes Bruce : Structures Poetry Humans

The last time Wes Bruce was given the opportunity to build a giant stucture (a 2,000 square foot fort at the CA Arts Center), he filled the 25 rooms with photos, artifacts, and memories from his own childhood, and from various abandoned homes around the United States.  For his latest project and structure, Wes and a variety of collaborators will be gathering new content, and counting on you to help create and influence this expansive project.

Structures Poetry Humans is a year-long exploration, adventure, and art project made possible by an artist grant from the San Diego Foundation and Lux Art Institute.  Wes Bruce is relying on his friends as well as total strangers to dig up memories, photos, and emotions about important structures in their life, and to forward them his way via post.

Meanwhile, Wes and friends will be collecting images and thoughts of their own throughout the year, recording them in daily calendar posts on the project's amazing new website -  Dig deep into this new adventure, and we really hope you choose to participate!

The project will culminate in a new structure which will be constructed from scratch and built on the bluff above the beautiful Lux Art Institute in Encinitas.  Save October 25th on your calendar and get involved with Structures Poetry Humans right here!

All photos by Wes Bruce.  See more here

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