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Yeller at Whaffice

Love art but can't quite manage those triple-digit price tags? Do you often attend art openings in good faith, loitering around favorite pieces in hopes that the artist might just take pity and adjust the cost for a kind youth of your financial stature? Tired of knowing all you're going to score is some free booze and savory appetizers? If you've answered yes to any of the following, chances are you are suffering from a little something I like to call the EWEP Syndrome (Empty Walls/Empty Pockets). Well, there's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is that we're still in a recession. The good news is that the artist collective Yeller is proud to announce their second opening at Octopus Ink's Wharffice (a design studio on Driscoll's wharf) this Saturday, July 11 from 7-11 pm.

Yeller's mission is both simple and admirable. They want to produce and promote art on their own terms, free from the high-brow rigamarole that far too often accompanies the gallery scene. More than anything, they are seeking to connect with their fellow San Diegans on a creative platform, while still remaining accessible. (Two things that are not often synonymous in many art circles). In their own words, "Yeller caters to the underrepresented population of artists and art appreciators in San Diego."

This will be the collective's second show, and this time around the crew has taken inspiration from the gallery's seaside surroundings, creating pieces of "a small scale original aquatic artwork", says Yeller member Lindsay Preston. While the theme of this show has changed with its new location, Yeller's committment to showcasing unique environments remains an important pillar of their operation.

"By leveraging the current real estate void," Preston continues, "Yeller has showcased work in un-rented commercial spaces, creating an event that results in publicity for the unused space while simultaneously providing a venue for us to present our work."

Visit Yeller's site to follow their installation process, as well as for a sneak peak into Saturday's show.

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