June 25, 2008
by Leah Novakovich

A Scribe Amidst the Lions

The Casbah | 6/25/2008

On a night where the next day’s work is merely hours away from reality, you would usually find me at home, taking it easy and getting to bed sooner rather than later… but last Wednesday June 25th, the CD Release of A Scribe Amidst the Lions sophomore album, “Sunken Cities” was definitely worth rousing me out and into the world without worry of exhaustion. After a late arrival to the Casbah, I walked in mid-set of the opening band Old Devil. I was immediately drawn closer to find the source to the rock’n’roll-billy-punk-country radness that this forceful four-piece was pumping out. Straight forward and driving describes the momentum of their sound. It was love at first listen for me, being delighted by well-played upright bass, I was compelled to obtain some live video coverage. Although I caught only the last half of their set, they were reminiscent of an RFTC style, and I will definitely look out for future shows and suggest that you do the same!

The Casbah, being my favorite San Diego venue, is always a place to witness and take part in musical madness, but it also fills other important roles…such as: a place for  mingling/networking, indoor/outdoor enjoyment… and of coarse, a fierce game of Miss Pac-Man. After a tragic videogame catastrophe, I headed back in the main room, drowning my loss in a cocktail and ready for music once again. On came Red Ivy Suspect, who instantly sparked my attention by having a female lead vocalist (it’s always good to know the company you keep out there in musicland). Despite a slow start, their set picked up movement during their jazzier numbers with the help of adept saxophone skills, and ended highly-energized, providing an avenue for their glam-diva to step up and belt out. This progression paved the show smoothly to reach its climax.

I was pleasantly surprised at this point to be joined by a couple of my good friends, arriving promptly for the Scribe set. None were disappointed by the dynamic synergy that this band was able to create, almost as if they were always meant to play music together. Stylistically variant, A Scribe Amidst the Lions moved frictionless through music genres mixing rock guitar rhythms, classical accompaniment and heavy toned harmoinies for an all-out wonderful performance. Their music captures the pure dramatic beauty that a group of talented, focused and well-versed group of musicians can achieve through expressiveness rather than trendiness. This band is the real deal people… get thee to a show, and soon!

The night was over, the show was awesome, and I was happy to have participated… that is, until my alarm went off at 5am!

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