March 28, 2009
by Sezio

Calico Horse & Demasiado

Luce Loft | 3/28/2009

Live at Luce Loft was all about finding a new perspective for San Diego's music scene.  Some nights paired unlikely or unaquainted bands and other nights challenged Casbah-style bands to adapt to an intimate space.  The result was a completely unique audience experience, even for those who had seen a band's set twenty times prior.

Years ago, I witnessed a rare acoustic set from Demasiado and had been itching to see an encore ever since.  Jon started the set alone on a bright yellow stool, and began to project his voice throughout every corner of Luce Loft.  Their set was perfectly mapped out, ascending in volume with each song.

Calico Horse followed with a dreamy, dreary set that made everyone forget that anything was going on outside of the loft's concrete walls.  Heads were laid back and the room was dead quiet as Emily slowly built spooky, resonating vocal loops that Petti and Tom played over.

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