June 11, 2008
by Zack Nielsen

White Winter Hymnal

Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes

Sub Pop Records | Jun 2008

The latest offering from Sub Pop Records, and another product of Phil Ek's Seattle studio, Fleet Foxes released their debut full length on June 3rd. On the heels of last years Sun Giant EP, the northwest quintet are picking up steam. They remind me of Oh Brother Where Art Thou mixed with My Morning Jacket... take a listen for yourself.

White Winter Hymnal

Fleet Foxes play The Casbah June 27th

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What can I say? GREAT album. GET IT!
Mace made this post on 9/18/2008 at 3:43 pm
One of my faves
Steph Walker made this post on 4/15/2009 at 5:54 pm

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