August 26, 2009
by Adam Valeiras

Of Montreal: Skeletal Lampings

Skeletal Lampings

Polyvinyl | Oct 2008

“I wanna be your love/ I wanna make you cry/ And sweep you off your feet/ I wanna hurt your pride/ I wanna slap your face/ I wanna paint your nails.” Of Montreal’s Skeletal Lampings is the weirdest album of 2008… by far.  Trippy.  Abstract. Excited.  Angry.  Orgasmic.  Just a few adjectives to describe this wonder of an album.  Instruments sound from every which way, only tied together by the never-ending, but oh so melodic vocals.  While lead singer Kevin Barnes empties out his sex-craved heart into the album, the rest of the band follows up with strong harmony and rhythm.  The most impressive feat of this album is that every track sounds entirely different than the one before it, but as you are listening, it’s hard to even notice when one tracks ends and the next begins.   It basically plays like one 57 minute song.  While all of this is great, none of it even compares to the awe inspiring lyrics of Kevin Barnes, which basically sound as if he is writing them as he thinks them.  The stream of consciousness at its finest.  If you are into weird, but catchy tunes, definitely check this album out.

Key Tracks: An Eulardian Instance, Gallery Piece & Id Enganger

Of Montreal - Id Enganger

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