March 21, 2009
by Zack Nielsen

POST Card Show

SUSHI: Center for Urban Arts | 3/21/2009

Located on the same block as Luce Loft, I find myself wondering into SUSHI's Center for Urban Arts quite often.  Their latest show was housed in a gift shop's post card carousel, standing in the middle of the opening room. 

Photos by Carly Ealey and words by Brian Dick, the shows curator.

Given that we are living through potentially the worst economic crisis that has faced the United States in 70 years, I was compelled to design a show that was “low-to-the-ground” and on the cheap.  This has always been my bailiwick anyway and, with the new printing technology it has become possible to get postcards made at a very modest price.

my favorite of the group

Postcards are purveyors of visual information.  Often times the brief missive on the stamped side of the card references the image on the other side  “Wish you were here!” or “X” marks the spot.  It’s a short cut and a snap shot Postcards are, so to speak, the original “Text Message”; a way to say that you are thinking of someone; a friendly wave at a distance.  At this point postcards may seem anachronistic; a vestigial tail on snail mail.  But, like vinyl records, super-8 movies and V-8 engines, they have a resilient charm and poetic resonance that seems to resist the march of insistent progress.

Holiday Matinee's Dave Brown, taking in the show

SUSHI's minamalistic bathrooms 

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