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2114 Ebers : The Mix Tape

Our good friends at Set & Drift asked me to compile a mix tape of songs that molded who I am today.  The residents of 2114 Ebers St. and the music they created did just that.

“The addictions need to be fed,
in the white house that we live in.
Water pours in, as we’re dancing.
In other people’s eyes, we’re drowning.”

Sezio sprouted from a group of artists and musicians living in a white house on Ebers street in Ocean Beach, Ca.  The creative, collaborative mindset of its residents spread contagiously to visitors and passer-bys.  At any given hour there was screen printing in the garage, painting on the front porch and a jam session in the living room or on the roof.  Luckily, Andrew Heine’s Pro Tools was running around the clock, and almost all of it was recorded.

This group of tracks has shaped my current musical taste.  The warmth of the house combined with the organic sounds of plane engines and doors creaking make you feel like you are sitting in the room… and I was.

Track Listing:

01 – “Wish You Well” by Andrew, Jim & Leah
02 – “Lay Back Down (It’s Easy)” by Dogcatcher
03 – “All At Once” by Dogcatcher
04 – “Morning Smile” by Pretty Too Bad
05 – “Pictures And Such” by Pretty Too Bad
06 – “An Ocean Beach Afternoon” by Brian Holwerda
07 – “Battle Hymn Of My Republic” by Brian Holwerda
08 – “Firehouse House Fire 1939″ by Demasiado
09 – “The Mean We” by Demasiado
10 – “Boogie” by Wade Youman

Click through to Set & Drift to hear the Mix Tape.


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