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MVM : Smith Westerns

Last week we annonced that Yeasayer is kicking off their US tour at the Belly Up on May 21st. Trekking around the US with them will be Chicago-based buzz band, Smith Westerns, supporting their debut album Dye It Blonde. Here's the first track from said record, entitled "Weekend".

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I drove up to the Detroi Bar in Costa Mesa a few weeks ago to see what the buzz was all about re Smith Westerns. While they are impressive for their age, the sound is the same on every song, so it seemed. They will definitely need some seasoning: I was more impressed by the opener, Yuck, who will be playing the Casbah in April. They have a sound which brings the 90s to the present with their own stamp...excellent new band...the Belly Up show (tour opener) should be awesome.
Jeff made this post on 2/28/2011 at 8:21 pm

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