News: 5/23/2011  

Noah and the Whale @ SD Woman's Club

Noah and the Whale caught our attention a couple years back with their sophomore release, Peaceful the World Lays Me Down, and the film that they released to accompany the album. Here's the trailer below, which features the song, "Blue Skies."

One thing that Noah and the Whale can never be accused of is having released the same album twice.  When trying to describe what this band sounds like, it is impossible to pinpoint an answer, seeing as with every album release everything about their music changes pretty dramatically.  The First Days of Spring is slow and melancholic, Peaceful the World Lays Me Down is happy with a child-like intensity, and their newest release, Last Night On Earth, is their most uplifting album to date, probably helped out by the synth they've thrown into the instrumentation to accompany the familiar acoustic guitar and violins. This new album feels like a solid blend between the first two, and a mixture of all three can be witnessed tomorrow night when they play the San Diego Woman's Club, located in Banker's Hill. Here's a live performance of "5 Years Time" to get you excited.

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