News: 12/16/2009  

Writer to Premiere Music Video and New Songs at Whistle Stop

Back in July, Brad Kester worked out the final kinks in what ended up being a several-month scheduling process for a Writer music video he had dreamed up.  The basic idea was waterskiing, preferably without water skis, and finding a place to do it turned out to be a project in itself.  Through a series of phone calls, Brad got connected with this guy, who runs a camp in Mexico.  The brothers Ralph, along with filmmakers Brad Kester and Destin Cretton, loaded up Darth for a trip south:

The video will be premiered this Friday night as a part of Writer's annual Christmas Whistle Stop show.  Black Mamba opens at 9 PM.


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This is special goodness, fav part, Jamie workin the gate! I could watch that all day
Petro made this post on 12/17/2009 at 1:09 pm

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