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2009 : A Year in Review

It's pretty amazing what can be accomplished in a year.  2009 was a busy 12 months for Sezio, so we figured it would be fun to take a look back before we move on to 2010...

Our year started with a fiesta at Luce Loft during January's ASR.  Hacer featured live screen printing, pinatas dropping from the roof and the cuban inspired artwork of Tocayo.

In March, we hosted 10 of our favorite San Diego bands for a week of amazing music and community gathering during Live @ Luce Loft.

Summer was booked with travel plans and music festivals.  We were lucky enough to score press passes to Sasquatch, Outside Lands and Pitchfork.

We screen printed 100s of t-shirts and curated two art shows at THREAD in San Francisco and San Diego (twice).

We hosted our first Artist Exchange with Brooklyn illustrator Morgan Blair.

We sent disposable cameras on the road with a number of San Diego bands, including Crocodiles, The Vision of a Dying World, Irradio and Black Mamba.

We launched an Artist Line with our retail partners Jedidiah Clothing.

Our year ended up where we began, in San Diego's East Village. Sezio and Single Screen Records hosted The Paddle Boat's record release @ Sushi Art.

Thanks to everyone who came out to an event, wrote us an email or bought a t-shirt.  Without the local creative community, Sezio would be nothing.  We're really excited about what's in store for 2010, so stay tuned... all we can announce now is a BIG celebration at Casbah on Thursday, January 21st.

Until then... Happy New Years!

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What a GREAT year! Now that So-Cal is rolling, expect some great things from us up here in the BAY! Starting in January we got 'Writer' coming up to Red Rock for an intimate music/art show experience.
Dustin S. MitchellDustin S. Mitchell made this post on 12/29/2009 at 11:27 am

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